Acres of Sugar Cane

Mauritius is a sugar cane paradise. Why did we go there of all places? Thats because we wanted to enjoy water sports. My elder son had recently polished his swimming skills which he had almost forgotten a long time ago. My second son was also very enthusiastic about snorkeling.  Even my wife took her swimming classes seriously, and joined a short ten-day course at Chennai, and she was very regular in continuing it. Ha! She always is. We had Bali on our list but somehow we changed our mind.


This video shows you a glimpse of the sugar cane fields. Please be patient with these video files. Let them buffer fully so that you can see the video without a break.It’s sugar cane all the way, right from the airport till every inch of land you step, its sugar cane. There are no sky-high apartment’s, but neat houses cleanly built, in small townships which are quite distant from one another.

If your taxi stops in between, you will have only sugar cane for company, and to get to the next town you will have to hitch hike.



This small video clip shows the gentle waves splashing with such warmth, you almost feel you are in a lake and not in a beach. Mauritius has wonderful beaches, very fewer people, very less noise, no traffic snarls. It’s almost a  meditative feeling one gets, when one is in Mauritius.
Clean Blue Beaches

We flew by Air Mauritius from Chennai and boy oh boy, they have a code-share with Air India and it does show. The same old air of arrogance of the national carrier is visibly seen by the behaviour of the ground staff at the Chennai Airport and also by the in-flight crew. The world’s oldest air hostesses can be seen in this airline. Personally I have nothing about age, so please don’t comment on me for being age biased. They were so slow.


Most of the travel agents will have a north island tour, south island tour in their itinerary. If you are clever enough to skip one , then you will save a day to spend time on the beach rather than be a witness to a tough two hour car travel to complete this. Because any travel  in Mauritius requires a minimum of an hour by car or coach to reach the tourist spots. By the way in the north island tour there is nothing much to see except the exotic Le Caudan waterfront which boasts of luxury shopping with food joints.

 colored earth
Chamarel Coloured Earth

On the south island tour you will visit Trou aux Cerfs – the crater of an extinct volcano, as well as Grand Bassin – a natural lake at the base of a volcanic crater and a pilgrimage  place for the Hindus.  The Chamarel colored earth looks brilliant in photos than in real.

Not to be missed is the Blue Safari submarine ride. This is the first time I hopped into a submarine and it looked scary initially. Then the captain gave us a few instructions and off we went deep inside with a spectacular view of the life under the sea. Have a look at this video.


A full day tour to Ile aux Cerfs, an emerald lagoon on the east coast, should  be on the itinerary of anyone visiting Mauritius. We hopped on to a jetty which was lined up in a que, since there are a lot of tourists heading towards this lagoon. The ride was for about an hour, bombarded with some loud but cheerful music all way.

We took the front seats which helped us get a great view.

A point to be mentioned here is you will have a bouncy feeling even after you get off the jetty.


This is natural, because of the rhythmic waves. This feeling was with us even the next day.


Anyone, even with the most basic camera will click a picture worth enlarging, because it’s too scenic to describe. The island was postcard’ish  from all angles.


If you are a hardcore water sports enthusiast, then Mauritius is the place for you. Snorkeling, Parachuting, Kayak boating, pedal boating, yachting…ooh, the list goes on. Anything on top of water or  under water they have it here. The biggest thrill here in parachuting is, you take of from a motor boat right from the middle of the sea, and you land on a rectangle wooden raft. If you miss the landing, then you will end up in the sea. Not to panic, since you will be wearing the life jackets, you can always climb on to the raft

jyotirlingam temple


The Jyotir Lingam temple is   located in a picturesque area opposite a beautiful ganga lake. The temple has many beautiful gods and goddesses.

Ganga Maa

A  picture of ganga maa which really attracted me.

The right mix

I started this post with sugar cane, and it will be nice for me to end it with some fresh sugar cane juice. Even though you see so many sugar cane fields, you won’t find a single vendor selling sugar cane juice. To adhere to strict quality and hygiene, the government has fixed kiosks selling sugar cane juice. We all had sugar cane juice mixed with ginger…and not mixed with beer or rum as this board says. So cheers to everyone.

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