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Inter Continental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort

The Perfect Location

My son Pranav and me were returning from my farm house near Thenpattinam on a Saturday afternoon, during last week. It took us an hour to reach this place from our farm which is near Kalpakkam. While driving we kept counting the new restaurants and resorts coming up at Mahabalipuram. We knew its going to be really crowded here in a year’s time. So lots of tourists, lots of cars, lots of traffic. Oooh!

We chose to drive at one in the afternoon to escape the scorching Chennai heat which is on “agni natchathiram” mode right now. For guys who are wondering what “agni natchathiram” is, please read further. This phenomenon is when the heat is likely to be much worse than what it is right now. Starting on May 4, it will go on until May 28th, when the mercury will soar to dizzying levels and make you feel that it’s wiser to sit inside a tub of water, be indoors and play chess.

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