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Skoda Rapid

I was wondering what happened to the sales of the dependable Skoda Rapid in India. The sales figures have been dropping rapidly since the year 2014. If I am right their last ad campaign for Rapid was in the year 2012, which was based on the concept of " the fat Indian wedding" .

Things did not go right from them. They wanted to show the vast boot space, that Skoda could offer for the Indian family. The agency or the marketing team got confused. The ad was in a North Indian feel, more like a movie set, than a genuine outdoor shoot. It was too Bollywood style and they neither projected the car as a mid size entry-level sedan nor a spacious family car. After that Skoda did not do much about its advertising campaign which resulted in a drastic drop of sales.

The car has a fantastic diesel engine, mated with an excellent DSG gear box, one of the best in business, but sadly no one knows much about its features here in India due to the poor advertising strategy. Is it a lapse on Skoda Auto India or by their ad agency I do not know. As we all know come rain or sun our city never sleeps. Yes. I'm talking about their rival Honda City, which has done facelift after facelifts year after year and is still holding the Indian market. I think due to the cost factor Skoda didn't give any worthwhile facelifts to their cars. If you watch closely, most of Skoda's cars have a common front grille and shape and a common taillight and back. They have retained this for years, At least the front looks majestic, but the back needs an urgent review. It has become outdated and looks pale.

Meanwhile their competitive friend Honda City, has managed to neatly redesign this aspect with utmost care, to give the car a refreshing look. Their designers have done some wonderful sketches. Their tail lights are sexy.

I hope the management wakes up to smell the coffee and get on with business. I know Honda City doesn't have a wonderful mileage on its automatic cars. Whereas Skoda does give a decent seventeen km on the highway. So I thought why not wake the management up by just sketching a photoshop Ad here and stressing more on mileage. Please have a look.

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