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Auto components manufacturer, photographer, wide eyed traveller, impulsive traveller, likes everything about advertising and I try out my own ad's.

Skoda Rapid

I was wondering what happened to the sales of the dependable Skoda Rapid in India. The sales figures have been dropping rapidly since the year 2014. If I am right […]
Skoda Rapid


The most famous cliché you can read about ego is “edging god out”. Some say that even God has an ego. Then why does he feel the need to be worshiped everyday, ask some? […]

To bet or not to bet

A dice board decided the fate of the Pandavas centuries ago. A game plan was evolved by the Kauravas and executed to perfection by Sakuni. To some, this might seem […]

The New Bride

Mom..Mom….Mamma where are you? Sankar went to the guest room, then to the terrace, but no sign of Mom. Then he went to the Pooja room, and ” Ma, we […]

Walk in the Park

Left, Right, Left, Right……..forward march.. Gajendran started his usual evening walk with his wife, inside the MOP Park. This has been his usual routine for the past five years. His […]

An Hourglass Figure

Guru Hemchand’s secretary gently opened the CD player and inserted a CD. After a few seconds, “Aum…mmmmmmm” , the enchanting  sound filled the huge hall. When “Aum” is chanted in […]

The Henna Girl

Inspector K.N.Vohra’s cell phone was in no mood to stop. For a change, his wife Anita had set the caller tune to a more peppy number, Barney Kessel’s ” Love […]

Condition serious hai

“Where is your aunt’s place yaar. We are driving for an hour in Bangalore, seen all white houses except your aunt’s” said Vinod. “Pratima aunt’s house is so big and […]

Hairy tale

Introduction – This was a short “flash fiction” I had written for a magazine about four years back. I wanted this piece to be in my new blog. So here […]

Goa in four days

What happens when, three couples plan a four-day trip from Chennai to Goa. Great excitement follows. This post is about a short four day trip to Goa. The weather in March […]
Goa in four days